Hellenos: At War's End

Into the Underdark

Sully convinced the guards that they were doing missionary work for the temple in order to get access to the Underdark. They initially went North, which was the wrong way. Came across a sinkhole room, didn’t go down. Continued on past a stalactite room. Finally they found themselves in a small room; Seymour heard a groan behind a stalagmite pile and they discovered an unconscious dwarf. Upon healing and awakening, he told them he was Rondo of Rajon. He and a group of his dwarf friends were ambushed, but he doesn’t remember much of his attackers. After Ajax bangs on his shield, the party is attacked by darkmantles. Rondo and Seymour end up double-teaming one and cleaving it in two with a hammer-toss-into-battle-axe, instantly becoming bros.
They attempt to go back to the entrance, but end up taking the wrong route and coming to a lake of acid, with a small bridge over it. Sully crosses first, with Ajax and Seymour holding a rope behind him in case he falls. He finds on the other side a small tattered piece of red robe. When he tells the group about this, Rondo goes completely PTSD rage-mode and sprints down the bridge. Ajax stays ahead of him, but Seymour attempts to just standing high jump over the 4’11” dwarf. He fails and gets clipped by Rondo’s helmet’s horn, and begins to fall. Rondo notices this and snaps out of his rage, just in time to toss a rope to Seymour. However, he fails his strength check and the bridge begins to crumble under them. Regina sends DK to grab the other end of the rope and bring it to Ajax. As soon as he gets it, the bridge under Rondo crumbles and he and Seymour both fall. Ajax fails his Strength check and decides to just let the rope go (Chaotic Neutral). Rondo and Seymour pendulum towards the acid pit, and land about 20 feet from the wall. They both get pretty badly burnt, but manage to climb up and out of the acid pit, joining their friends on the other side of the lake. After taking a look at the red robe, Rondo recalls that his attackers were similarly garbed, and led by a masked individual. With a section of the bridge crumbled, they decide to press onward on this new path.
They eventually notice tracks of individuals, and stumble upon a fungus grove. Having adventured for a while now, they decide to stop for a snack. Rondo goes to a pool and notices the glimmer of treasure below, so he takes a dip. Sully has started drinking and thinks this is a good time to go skinny dipping, so he strips his clothes and runs to the pool. Ajax is very paranoid about the fungi around him, and notices movement moments before one of the trees comes to life and shoots a cloud of spores. Sully thinks that he has shrunk to 1/10th of his size, and Rondo believes that his axe has turned into a snake, dropping it and fleeing. Thanks to Seymour, Regina, and Ajax, the fungus beast is defeated, and the others recover from their hallucinosis shortly thereafter. Regina drinks one of Sully’s CMW potions while he is hallucinating/player out of the room. Seymour decides to tell Sully that someone drank a potion of his, and a bit of a rift breaks out between the party. Perhaps too much for young Sully. The party decides to camp for the night, and press on tomorrow.
They go out of the fungus grove through another side passage, and stumble upon a split path. There is to the left a ramp upwards, and to the right a curved passage with the glow of torchlight. The party can hear chanting from beyond. Sully stealths up the ramp and comes to a balcony, overseeing a room filled with chanting cultists, tied up dwarves, a masked priest, and three dwarves who appear to be talking with him. Sully magically whispers to the lead dwarf “It’s a trap, they’ll betray you!”. After a few more unheard words exchanged between the priest and lead dwarf, the priest raps his staff twice, and the cultists slit the throats of the dwarf prisoners, chanting anew and opening what appears to be portals below their corpses. Sully returns to the party, expecting to bust in and help the living dwarves in the fight that is sure to ensue. However, as the party knocks out a few cultists on the way, it appears that the dwarves were working with the cultists somehow, as their leader is buffed and transformed into an evil arm-scythe dude by the Masked Priest before he casts a spell and disappears from the fight. The fight breaks out with the cultists chanting all the while. Seymour fights valiantly to the front lines, but is crat/sneakattacked by Demonic Tyr, and reduced to almost dead. As he attempts to crawl out of the front lines, one of Tyr’s henchmen stab him through the heart, killing him outright. Rondo fights on to avenge his newfound bro, but is also knocked unconscious. Things are looking bad, as portals below the sacrificed dwarves are opening and evil hands reach for the surface, but Regina makes a clutch play and casts Entangle, stopping the cultists from completing their ritual. Ajax, Regina, and Sully finally bring down Tyr and knock one of his lackeys unconscious. Ajax immediately kills him, stopping any interrogation down that line. The rest of the cultists are brought up into a gruesome torture scene, led by the “Lawful Good” Sully, who orders one cultists arms broken in front of his friends before having Ajax snap his neck. They don’t get much information, just that the cultists were summoning dretch to attempt to attack Duros and sow chaos. One of the cultists squeals and shows them the secret entrance through the river that they were taking. The group ends up letting him go, and bring Seymour’s body back to the temple for resurrection (after some haggling).


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