Hellenos is the name of the collection of nine districts that make up the northern half of the continent of Etha. The nine districts are Korvos, Tessera, Luxan, Vorn, Eftos, Magnaris, Orlissia, Portis, and Tel-Razir. At one point each of these nine districts were sovereign nations, or even divided into smaller tribal nations. The unification was a process that took place over a thousand years, ending roughly 200 years ago with the subjugation of Vorn.


Korvos is the seat of government for all of Hellenos, but each of the districts have their own sub-governments and vestiges of old monarchies or senates. Alongside their own governments, each also has a Magistrate that is appointed by the Korvian government. For the most part, the districts get along well with each other and the Korvians, but there are exceptions.
Hellenos is ruled by a Caesar, appointed from amongst the noble houses of Korvos. The current Caesar, Raxius Fuego, was appointed 9 years ago. The Caesars rarely make public appearances, and instead usually rule from the palace at the foot of Mount Drakos.

Foreign Relations

Hellenos was until very recently at war with its neighbors to the south, Ankhara. The war ended more or less in a stalemate. Tensions are still quite high, especially in the border district Tel-Razir.
Hellenos has trade relations with Umbria, the island continent to the north, and many Umbrians have settled in Magnaris. Nords are widely viewed as barbarians by Hellenites, but the nations are too far away from each other for any major political campaigns to have been launched. Hellenos also trades with the large continent to the left, but similar distances keep politics between the two to a minimum.


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