Korvos is the name of the capital city and central district of Hellenos. Unlike other districts, Korvos is actually one sprawling metropolitan area, bound by the wall of Tychos. Nestled at the foot of Mt. Drakos, this city has acted as the seat of the Caesars who rule the Hellenic empire for over a thousand years.

As the legend goes, there once was an ancient red dragon who terrorized all over the entire countryside of Hellenos (though it had not been unified as such back then). A hero named Ao rose and journeyed into the dragon’s home at the center of a volcano. After a great struggle, he slew the dragon, and when he emerged from the volcano he planted his spear in the ground and declared that his kingdom began. A city rose in that very spot, and this city came to be Korvos. Before his death, Ao spread the influence of Korvos to several of the surrounding regions. These united under the name of Hellenos, and the Caesars who ruled following Ao continued the tradition until all of the northern continent was conquered, with Vorn being the last to fall.

Due to the naturally occurring geothermal springs around the mountain, Korvos could continue to produce food even through the winter, owing to its success. The mountain provided ample sources of iron to fuel the military campaigns. In recent years, more technology has blossomed by harvesting the power of the steam.



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